At present, high specific volume organic film capacitors are mainly used in various types of inverter power supplies. They are used as DC supporting capacitors. The reduced film capacitors can replace the previous occasions where electrolytic capacitors are used, and have higher voltage resistance; there is no electrolyte Risk of leakage, with higher reliability; self-healing characteristics when instantaneous overvoltage is encountered in the circuit, which can well protect the circuit safety and eliminate the risk of circuit overvoltage breakdown and short circuit; adopt inductive winding technology, product Conforms to the characteristics of low inductance, and can better adapt to the increasing operating frequency of the power system; using low-loss dielectric materials, the product has low-loss characteristics, can withstand larger ripple currents, and generates less heat; non-polar dielectric materials, can withstand reverse peaks The voltage can meet the use of AC and DC filter circuits.

The biggest advantage of organic metallized film capacitor is that it has self-healing ability, so this type of capacitor has become one of the fastest-growing capacitors.

There are two different mechanisms for self-healing of metallized organic film capacitors: one is self-healing by discharge; the other is electrochemical self-healing. The former occurs at higher voltages, so it is also referred to as high-voltage self-healing; because the latter also occurs when the voltage is very low, it is often referred to as low-voltage self-healing.