Working Status of Electrolytic Capacitors

Working status of electrolytic capacitors - LLC resonant converter is one of the best DC/DC power converters in the past 30 years. It has the advantages of high duty cycle of bridge converter and low voltage and zero current switching. The advantages of switching loss and low EMI have led to more and more applications, ranging [...]

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Self-Healing of Electrolytic Capacitors

1 Self-healing of electrolytic capacitors - Repair of alumina film of liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors 1.1 Self-healing of electrolytic capacitors-Reasons for repairing aluminum oxide film During the manufacturing process of electrolytic capacitors, damage to the aluminum oxide film cannot be avoided. Due to the existence of this damage, the liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor that has just [...]

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Basic Performance Analysis of Electrolytic Capacitors

1. Analysis of electrolytic capacitors--Classification  1.1 Analysis of electrolytic capacitors- Classification by material Analysis of electrolytic capacitors-Electrolytic capacitors are classified according to positive electrode materials, including aluminum electrolytic capacitors and tantalum electrolytic capacitors.The positive electrode of an aluminum electrolytic capacitor is an aluminum corroded foil. The positive electrode of most current high-voltage electrolytic capacitors, low-voltage electrolytic [...]

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The Application Prospects of Super Capacitors

1.1 Research background of super capacitors From the 1870s to the present, the development of super capacitors has gone through many important processes: In the late 1950s, some scientists proposed replacing double-layer electrochemical capacitors made of metal sheets with capacitors made of porous carbon materials, and It has been proven by practice. In other words, electrochemical [...]

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What Is Solid Electrolytes And Its Classification?

At present, although liquid electrolytes are widely used, solid electrolytes have gradually attracted widespread attention. If solid electrolytes completely replace liquid electrolytes, all-solid-state ionic devices can be obtained, which will also be a major change in the field of electrochemical device energy storage. . Generally speaking, the room temperature conductivity of a solid electrolyte with practical [...]

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