1.Xuansn Electronic Fire Drill—Fire safety evacuation drill

In order to build a safe enterprise, create a safe factory environment, improve the company’s fire safety awareness and self-protection capabilities, and maintain the company’s bottom line of safe production, Dongguan Xuansn Electronics Co., Ltd. conducted a fire safety evacuation drill on the afternoon of April 29 and fire safety training activities. This Xuansn electronic fire drill is an important activity organized by the company to ensure that employees know how to evacuate correctly and quickly in an emergency and how to respond to emergencies such as fires. Such drills and training activities can effectively improve employees’ fire safety awareness and self-protection capabilities, and lay a solid foundation for the company’s safe production. Not only that, through such activities, potential safety hazards can also be discovered and solved, and the fire protection facilities and emergency plans in the factory can be improved and improved in a timely manner.

2.Xuansn Electronic Fire Drill—Simulate actual combat to promote defense through practice

Xuansn electronic fire drill

This Xuansn electronic fire drill simulated a sudden fire incident in the factory. After the drill began, the office building was quickly filled with thick smoke. Fire safety directors from each department immediately organized employees to evacuate and rescue themselves in accordance with the fire protection plan. They guided employees to cover their mouths and noses, bow their heads and bend down, and evacuate to safe areas quickly and orderly. During the evacuation process, all personnel were step-by-step and orderly, showing good emergency literacy and teamwork skills. Immediately afterwards, the Chang’an Town Fire Brigade rushed to the scene and quickly launched rescue and fire-fighting operations. The whole process was well organized, tense and orderly, which fully demonstrated Xuansn Electronics’ great emphasis on fire safety and its ability to respond to emergencies. This Xuansn electronic fire drill effectively improved employees’ emergency response capabilities and further consolidated all employees’ understanding and emphasis on fire safety.

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3.Xuansn Electronic Fire Drill—Fire knowledge to prevent disasters before they happen

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After the Xuansn electronic fire drill, the deputy captain of the Chang’an full-time fire brigade explained the use of fire extinguishers and indoor fire hydrants to all participants. Through detailed operation demonstrations, each employee has a more intuitive understanding of the operating procedures of fire extinguishing equipment, which enhances their ability to respond in actual emergency situations. At the same time, the deputy captain also gave an in-depth introduction to the dangers of fire, fire prevention knowledge and escape techniques, giving everyone a deeper understanding of fire safety. Such explanations not only improve employees’ fire prevention awareness, but also provide more response strategies and skill support for dealing with possible future fire incidents.Xuansn capacitorXuansn capacitorXuansn electronic fire drill

Through the conduct of this fire safety evacuation drill, everyone has improved their awareness of safety precautions and mastered the methods of escaping in the event of a fire. This drill has achieved the expected purpose and achieved good results. Next, we will also integrate fire protection knowledge into our daily work, so that every Xuansn family member understands fire protection knowledge and prevent problems before they happen!


In order to enhance the fire safety awareness of Xuansn’s family and ensure that they can respond correctly in an emergency, Xuansn Electronics Co., Ltd. held a fire safety evacuation drill. This Xuansn electronic fire drill aims to enable each employee to have a clear understanding of fire evacuation procedures through practical operations and to be able to act quickly and effectively. Through such practice, we hope to be able to prevent problems before they occur, so that every Xuansn family member can stay calm in critical moments, effectively respond to emergencies, and ensure the safety of themselves and others.To learn more about Xuansn electronic related products, please click:https://xuansncapacitor.com/