The 155 “anti epidemic buses” imported by Cyprus from China were officially put on the public transport system of the capital Nicosia and the southeastern city of Larnaca on the 5th, bringing safety and convenience for local residents to travel during the epidemic.

anti epidemic busesCyprus found the first new crown case on March 9. In order to control the epidemic, the Mediterranean island country specifically ordered a batch of passenger cars equipped with an automatic sprinkler system from China. The system can efficiently sterilize and sterilize easily accessible parts and air in passengers. For Cyprus, which still has sporadic new crown cases, there is an additional safety guarantee.

The reporter saw at the bus hub station in the center of Nicosia on the 5th that many residents waited in line in front of the blue-and-white “anti epidemic buses”. There were foreigners and local elderly residents.

The head of the Cyprus Public Transport Company said that compared with the original bus, the “anti-epidemic bus” from China is quieter, reducing noise for passengers and the community.

Although the temperature on Nicosia was as high as 39 degrees Celsius on the 5th, the passengers were very cool and comfortable sitting in the air-conditioned “anti-epidemic bus”. They could also use the wireless network in the car to surf the Internet and browse information. For them A pleasant enjoyment.

The Minister of Transport of Cyprus, Carusos, took a test ride before the official launch of the “Anti-epidemic Bus” and praised the import of such buses from China.