Snubber capacitors

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Snubber capacitors are double-sided metallized polypropylene film capacitors used in power conversion applications requiring stable capacitance and low dissipation factor to handle high voltage, high dV/dt and high ripple current.

Snubber capacitors Typical Applications:

• Silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR and IGBT)
and SiC (e.g. MOSFET) commutation circuits.
DC Link, Snubber, resonant converters, and
tank circuits.


Reference Standard GB/T 17702 (IEC 61071)
Climatic Category 40/85/56
Maximum Permissible Case TEMP (Tcase) -40℃~85℃
Application IGBT Snubbers
Capacitance Range 0.047μF ~ 9μF
Rated Voltage (UNDC) 630Vdc 700Vdc 850Vdc 1000Vdc 12000Vdc

1600Vdc 1700Vdc 2000Vdc 2500Vdc 3000Vdc

Capacitance Tolerance ± 5% (J)、± 10% (K)
Construction (Plastic or Metal) Radial boxed and terminals direct mounting
Leads It has a tinned brass lug direct IGBT mounting
Packaging Packed in cardboard trays with protection for the terminals
Industry Lighting products, Home electronics, Automotive electronics