The domestic MLCC giant Technology broke out of the Dongguan factory in August-September this year, which caused the MLCC orders for mobile phones to return to Guoju and Huaxin.

MLCC mobile phones

As the main force of Yuyang is in the small size 0201, which coincides with the peak season of mobile phone shipments, Guoju has started the distribution mechanism, and the delivery time of mobile phones is extended to three months.

Huaxin Branch suspended the order and resumed the order after the 11th holiday. This led to the opportunity for domestic traders to catch up.

Yuyang Technology was listed in Hong Kong under the name of Tianli Holdings. Recently, it was announced that the mainland Dongguan factory had received a large number of employees to resign from July to August, which has already interfered with the production of Dongguan factory. From August 1st to September 11th, the individual production and operation procedures of the Dongguan factory have been temporarily suspended. After communicating with the employees, production will resume in mid-September and will not affect the MLCC business.

However, the shutdown has still had an impact on the market. It is understood that Yuyang’s production capacity is not large, and its monthly production capacity is only 10 billion pieces, but the small size of 0201 is the main force.

The third season coincides with the listing of all kinds of new machines, and the output rates of Guoju and Huaxin are not high, which leads to the tight supply and demand of common materials, especially 0201 104. This specification has low interest in production and the order is therefore high. Return to Taiwan.

Guoju therefore adopted a distribution strategy for mobile phone materials, and the order delivery period was extended from 3-4 weeks to three months.

Huaxin Branch has a low level of stocks, and its productivity has not yet increased. It has rushed into the market, causing the orders to be full and suspending orders. After the 11th holiday, the orders will be resumed.

Although not all specifications are in short supply, the industry said that both the agent and the original inventory have become more reasonable.

After the price has gradually fallen to the bottom, because mobile phone and IT related account for half of the country’s huge shipments, the shortage of commonly used mobile phones will help the MLCC offer to stabilize, but because the supply chain has no inventory, domestic traders are likely to take the opportunity. Upselling the spot price, the chances of the original price increase of Guoju, Huaxinke and so on are not large.

The passive component factory believes that this wave of single-effects is expected to see the end of the season in October, November and December.

However, due to the early Lunar New Year this year, the effect of early delivery is expected to be fermented in December. If the cargo movement is strong, it will not be ruled out until December, and the decline in revenue in the fourth quarter is expected to slow down and even have a chance to be flat.