MLCC is out of stock, the three major capacitor factories(Fenghua, Guoju, and Huaxinke) announced to stop receiving orders!

Following the tight supply and demand of large-size MLCCs, the general-purpose specifications for mobile phones and consumer products have also been added to the list of out-of-stocks.

MLCC is out of stock
As the inventory has been emptied, it coincides with the launch of new mobile phones and notebooks in the third quarter, resulting in the resurgence of conventional products, and Guoju and Huaxinke have no intention to increase the shipment rate due to the Sino-US trade war. Conventional products are out of stock for some time.

According to industry insiders, the three major factories, Fenghua, Guoju, and Huaxinke have issued notices of suspension of orders to customers, and the market has opened a new round of stock-picking mode.

Large-size MLCCs such as 0805 and 0603 are not very popular due to Japanese business, and there are few producers. In the third quarter, supply and demand are tight. With the launch of Apple iPhone and the four major mobile phone brands in the mainland, the conventional MLCC is also in short supply.

It is understood that many of the original inventory is only 1 to 2 months, and most of the domestic distributors’ inventory is 2 to 3 months. With the advent of new mobile phone brand new machines, coupled with Trump’s postponement of the customs to the National Day, many manufacturers began to purchase a large number of stocks, inventory has turned over has become the main theme of this wave of out of stock.

As for when will it be short? According to industry analysis, the middle and low-end MLCCs are mainly suppliers of Guoju and Huaxinke, and they are affected by the repeated interference of Sino-US trade wars. MLCC orders are mostly short-listed.

The visibility of the terminal is not transparent enough. Guoju and Huaxin are extremely careful in responding to this wave of prosperity. They have no intention of rushing to increase the shipment rate. Instead, they have focused on their own inventory. Huaxin Branch even put the inventory in two months. It will be compressed to less than 100 days before the end of 2019.

Therefore, the industry judges that this wave of shortages may continue for some time. For Guoju and Huaxinke, it will help improve the product mix.

The industry also expects that the current shortage is the commonly used products. In the 5G era, no MLCC suppliers have been added. From the 5G process and the continuous penetration of automotive electronic penetration, the industry judges that it will repeat itself in 2020. Out of stock drama code.