MLCC has the largest amount of average device usage, and it has attracted the most attention. The MLCC plant has different views on profitability this year, but it is generally showing a trend of returning to growth for the valuation of next year. This year, most of the MLCC plants expanded according to the original plan. In addition to the demand for automotive electronics, the MLCC usage of 5G mobile phones is much higher than that of 4G mobile phones. The industry report estimates that 5G mobile phones are about 10% more. At present, the number of 4G iPhones has exceeded 1,200, and this year’s global 5G mobile phones are estimated to reach 5 million. In the future, the MLCC consumption will increase and decrease. As the device usage increases, the MLCC industry is still the oligopolistic type of Japanese and Taiwanese manufacturers.

        The passive component factory believes that this year’s 5G is mainly based on infrastructure expansion, and the pulling effect on MLCC is less significant. 5G mobile phones have considerable room for development. The number of 5G mobile phones this year and next year is difficult to estimate, and MLCC plants have not included 5G related applications into revenue for the time being. It is worth noting that under the strategy of beautification, Huawei is more open to Taiwan’s supply chain. There are not many MLCC suppliers that Huawei can choose.
       At present, the number of customers in Guoju and Huaxinke is already the top. In 2020, Huawei is still optimistic about its own mobile phone shipments, and it is expected to play a supporting role for the domestic MLCC factory.
This year’s passive component industry is not as good as last year, but the third quarter revenue is released. This year’s profit profile can be seen a little.
       In the first half of this year, the passive component factory made profit progress, and added the third-quarter revenue estimate. Although MLCC did not have a strong price hike this year, the price of MLCC is still higher than the price before the price increase, so this year’s passive component industry The leading profit is still dominated by the MLCC factory.