CBB large capacitor chip capacitors have the characteristics of large capacity, small size, and easy chipization. It is one of the most used components in today’s mobile communication equipment, computer boards and home appliance remote controls. In order to meet the needs of the development of electronic equipment in the direction of miniaturization, large capacity, high reliability and low cost, CBB large-capacitance chip capacitors themselves are also developing rapidly: the types continue to increase, the volume continues to shrink, and the performance continues to improve. , Technology continues to advance, materials are constantly updated, and the light, thin and short series of products have tended to be standardized and generalized. Its application is gradually infiltrating and developing from consumer equipment to investment equipment.

In addition, CBB large capacitor chip capacitors are still developing in a diversified direction:

① In order to meet the needs of portable communication tools, CBB large-capacitance chip capacitors are developing in the direction of low voltage, large capacity, ultra-small and ultra-thin.

②In order to adapt to the development of some electronic complete machines (such as military communication equipment), high withstand voltage, high current, high power, ultra-high Q value, low ESR type medium and high voltage CBB large capacitance chip capacitor is also an important current Direction of development.

③In order to meet the requirements of highly integrated circuits, the multifunctional composite CBB large-capacitance chip capacitors are becoming a hotspot in technical research.