At the 14th “Belt and Road” Ecological Agriculture and Food Safety Forum held on the 16th, political and business people called for strengthening international collaboration and international certification, promoting the high-quality development of the food industry, and helping to improve the internationalization of Chinese food companies in “going out”. Brand.

As the organizer of the forum, Guillerme da Costa, Chairman of the International Codex Alimentarius Commission, said in a video speech that preventing food safety risks urgently requires close collaboration and strengthened cooperation among countries all over the world. He said that the introduction of internationally recognized standards and scale can promote the development of the entire food industry chain and achieve high-quality development of the global food industry.

Lu Pengqi, vice chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that the forum will focus on the theme of “Food Safety for High-quality Development and Rural Rejuvenation” to discuss how to strengthen the “Belt and Road” ecological agriculture cooperation and promote high-quality agricultural development in the post-epidemic era The revitalization of the countryside is of great significance. “At present, strengthening international cooperation in agricultural green development is what China should have in building a new development pattern and realizing rural revitalization.”

Food industry

Lu Pengqi said that agriculture is an important foundation for the economic and social development of all countries. In the face of global challenges such as food security, changes in the ecological environment, and the impact of the epidemic, carrying out agricultural cooperation and promoting green and sustainable development of agriculture has become an important part of the participating countries of the “Belt and Road”. Common appeal. As a major country in agricultural production, consumption, and trade, China has actively participated in international exchanges and cooperation in the development of ecological agriculture in recent years. The scale of agricultural investment with countries participating in the “Belt and Road” has continued to increase. Fruitful results.

Yin Chengjie, a special researcher of the Counselor’s Office of the State Council and former Executive Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, called for the strengthening of international exchanges and cooperation, the management of agricultural products and food safety, the safety of agricultural products and food, and the promotion of green agricultural development. An important task for quality development. “We must strengthen international cooperation on agricultural products and food safety, and jointly respond to new risks and challenges facing agricultural products and food safety. In particular, we must establish a co-governance and sharing information mechanism to further improve the quality and efficiency of international cooperation on agricultural products and food safety.”

Representatives from the State Administration for Market Regulation said at the forum that the scope and intensity of quality certification can be increased, and internationally accepted quality management methods and trade facilitation tools can be used to promote the growth of food trade. Especially in the field of organic food, China’s import and export has great potential.