The Emir of Qatar (head of state) Tamim called on all countries to distribute the new crown vaccine fairly in Doha on the 21st.

Tamim delivered a speech at the “Qatar Economic Forum” video conference that opened that day, saying that the race to obtain more new crown vaccines than needed will only hinder the international community’s global anti-epidemic efforts, as well as the development of developing and poor countries. Development process. He called on all countries in the world, especially developed countries, to strengthen cooperation within the framework of the international order, work together to shoulder responsibilities, and distribute vaccines fairly and comprehensively in order to establish a globally integrated social and economic system.

Tamim said that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the economic and financial situation of various countries is not optimistic, and developed and developing countries should strengthen cooperation to narrow the gap between developed and developing countries, especially in obtaining the new crown vaccine and eliminating the impact of the epidemic. aspect.

This “Qatar Economic Forum” lasts for 3 days. More than 100 people including leaders of Ghana, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Rwanda and other countries will speak at the forum. More than 2,000 representatives from politics, business and other industries from all over the world will participate in the event. .