Can capacitors of the same patch size be replaced?

Capacitors of the same package cannot be distinguished from the appearance. The capacitors of 100nF and 1nF in the same package are difficult to distinguish from the appearance, although they may be different in thickness.

1. If the chip on the power side of the chip may be replaced

When designing the circuit, on the power supply pin of the chip, we will design a 100nF ceramic capacitor to filter the power supply. If the capacitor is dropped, it is more likely to be replaced. Even if the capacitor is dropped without soldering, the problem may not be big.

2. If it is the peripheral capacitor of the chip, it cannot be replaced

When designing circuits for some chips, it is necessary to design a capacitor with a specific capacitance value on a pin according to the description in the manual. This type of capacitor plays an important role in the normal operation of the chip, and this type of capacitor cannot be arbitrarily replaced. In the past, when designing a sensor, a certain pin of a chip required a capacitor with a specific capacitance. However, the capacitors I used happened to have a few wrong capacitors, which caused the wrong capacitors to be used. During the product test, there was no problem with the function of the product, but there was a problem when the response time was tested, which could not meet the requirements, and it took more time to find the problem. Therefore, this type of capacitor cannot be replaced.