On the morning of the 25th local time, Argentine star Maradona died of a heart attack at his home in Argentina at the age of 60. “Ole newspaper” stated that “there is no way to save Diego’s life.” To find out the cause of death. At 18 o’clock on November 25th local time, the local forensic doctor performed an autopsy on Maradona’s body and finally declared it a natural death. The Presidential Palace of Argentina issued an announcement that the whole country of Argentina will enter a three-day mourning period.

Maradona is the beacon of a generation, the “god” in the hearts of the Argentine people, and the eternal shining star of world football. He was once known as the second “ball king” besides Pele. 30 years ago, his “hand of God” was remembered by the whole world. 30 years later, 60-year-old Maradona suddenly left. , A generation of football kings left this world in the form of cardiac arrest, leaving the people who loved him in the world, leaving behind regrets and reluctance.