ceramic capacitors is a capacitor that uses ceramic materials as a medium, coats a layer of metal film on the ceramic surface, and then sinters at a high temperature as an electrode. It is usually used in high-stability oscillating loops as loops, bypass capacitors and pad capacitors. As long as the ceramic capacitor is aimed at high frequency, the high voltage ceramic capacitors depends on what occasion you use. The typical function can eliminate high frequency interference.


1. Capacity loss has high stability with temperature and frequency
2. The special series structure is suitable for high voltage and extremely long-term working reliability
3. High current climb rate and suitable for high current loop non-inductive structure


MLCC (Class 1)-miniaturization, high frequency, ultra-low loss, low ESR, high stability, high withstand voltage, high insulation, high reliability, non-polarity, low capacitance, low cost, high temperature resistance. Main applications Frequency circuit.

MLCC (type 2)-miniaturization, high specific volume, medium and high voltage, non-polarity, high reliability, high temperature resistance, low ESR, low cost. Mainly used in medium and low frequency circuits for direct isolation, coupling, bypass and filtering, etc. Capacitors are used.

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