The annual “Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition” will be held online from November 9th to 12th, when representatives of the global energy industry will discuss how the oil and gas industry responds to the challenges posed by the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

As the largest exhibition in the global oil and gas industry, this year’s International Petroleum Exhibition will hold 135 special discussions, including 115 technical special meetings, with 700 guests participating.

“Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition” Chairman Omar Suvidi said, “Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition” is considered to be one of the most forward-looking exhibitions in the global oil and gas industry. In previous exhibitions, industry leaders and technical experts focused on industry hotspots and future development trends, sharing their views and propositions. Although the oil and gas industry is facing unprecedented challenges in 2020, it still shows strong flexibility and resilience. I believe that through this oil exhibition, it will provide more new opportunities and platforms for cooperation and innovation among countries and enterprises , Jointly coordinate to respond to changes in the global market.