The 3rd China International Import Expo(The CIIE) will arrive in Shanghai as scheduled from November 5 to 10, 2020. In the Middle East, exhibitors are fully prepared for this. Why do they look forward to it so much?

  • Opportunity waiting for every year

This global event will help Middle Eastern companies to further explore the Chinese market and get close to Chinese consumers. Chinese consumers are huge and admire nature, and China is one of our most important markets. In addition, China’s “One Belt One Road” construction has brought development opportunities to enterprises. Middle Eastern companies can set up multiple distribution channels in China such as agents, sub-agents, and free distributors.

  • Large platform to display products

At the CIIE, distributors, industry experts and users and other cosmetics market participants gathered to communicate. This atmosphere is very conducive to expanding new customers. In addition, competing on the same stage with other international cosmetics companies will help to study market trends and optimize and adjust product lines. Through communication with Chinese distributors, we have deepened our understanding of the Chinese customer base and adjusted our supply strategy for the Chinese market. The CIIE will enable Chinese consumers to understand their brands and find long-term partners for enterprises.

  • China has a vast market

China has a vast market space and diverse consumer needs. The product focuses on quality and user experience, and has long been a leader in Jordan and the Middle East. It can certainly meet the needs of some Chinese consumers and bring consumers a different experience. The CIIE is a two-way platform that can showcase products and provide a valuable opportunity for zero-distance contact with the Chinese market.

  • Want to be part of the Chinese market

China is today’s ultra-large-scale market, and Middle Eastern companies hope to become a part of it and can take this opportunity to expand the Chinese market.