In the past 20 years, the film capacitor has been greatly developed, the volume and weight of the capacitor is reduced by 3 to 4 times, and the technology has been greatly improved. The film capacitor has many advantages, so that the film capacitor is used in DC filter instead of electrolysis. Capacitance is a trend. Using DC-LINK smoothing film capacitors, film capacitors can cover a voltage range of more than 600 VDC more economically than electrolytic capacitors. Advantages of film capacitor, making film capacitors an alternative to electrolytic capacitors to become the market for high-power power electronics.

Advantages of film capacitor

9 advantages of film capacitor

1. Ability to withstand high effective current up to 300mA/μF. — Can go to 1A/uF, Vishay’s products

2. Strong anti-surge capability, can withstand 1000V/1S surge voltage 1000 times.

3. Can withstand the pulse width rising edge and the lower edge ratio of 1.2μs: 50μs or 8μs: 20μs 2.5KV spike voltage.

4, Withstand high peak current capability, dv / dt up to 100V / μs, small inductance, fast charge and discharge speed.

5, High withstand voltage, can withstand 1.5 overvoltage at rated voltage.

6, No polarity, can withstand the reverse pulse voltage for a long time.

7. Low dielectric loss, good temperature characteristics, and long-term operation at 120 °C.

8, Small size, long life, no acid pollution.

9, Can be stored for a long time.

However, this substitution is not a substitute for equal capacity. The capacity of the film capacitor is only 1/2~2/3 capacity of the electrolytic capacitor