Xuansn Capacitors (sometimes known as condensers) are energy-storing devices that are widely used in televisions, radios, and other kinds of electronic equipment. Tune a radio into a station, take a flash photo with a digital camera. Let’s take a closer look at Xuansn capacitors and how they work!

What is a capacitors?

Take two electrical conductors (things that let electricity flow through them) and separate them with an insulator (a material that doesn’t let electricity flow very well) and you make a capacitor: something that can store electrical energy. Adding electrical energy to a capacitor is called charging; releasing the energy from a Xuansn capacitor is known as discharging.

What is the structure of the capacitors?

Xuansn Aluminum electrolytic capacitors is mainly composed of impregnated with electrolyte core(From the anode
foil、cathode foil、 electrolytic paper coiling) 、pigtail(Through the leads and the anode foil、cathode foil
riveted together) 、aluminum shell and sealing material together constitute.

① Tinned CP wire (Pb Free)
② Aluminum wire
③ Rubber
④ Formed aluminum foil
⑤ Etched aluminum foil
⑥ Aluminum Shell
⑧ Electrolyte paper

What are the uses of capacitors?

1. Bypass: The bypass capacitor circuit can remove a certain frequency band signal from the signal. There are a full frequency domain bypass capacitor circuit and a high frequency bypass capacitor circuit.
2. Filtering: The filter capacitor removes the signal in a certain frequency band from the total signal
3. Decoupling: Decoupling capacitors eliminate harmful low frequency cross-links between amplifiers of each stage. Decoupling and filtering are commonly called ‘‘ decontamination ’’.

How many types of Xuansn capacitors?

1. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors: divided into solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors and liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors
2. Film capacitor: there are two kinds of CBB polypropylene film and CL polyester
3. Ceramic capacitors: mainly AC safety capacitors, raw materials are mainly NPO and X7R

Finally,Xuansn capacitors are widely used in electronic equipment and are an indispensable part. Capacitor quality and certification are available.