In the fight against the Corona-19 epidemic, the production configuration of China’s medical technology and equipment faced a severe test.

In order to meet the needs of patients for treatment in a timely manner and to the greatest extent, during the outbreak of Corona-19, the Chinese government urgently and quickly built some new hospitals, especially in the Wuhan area. The information of these new hospitals has been widely reported in the media. The mobile X-ray machine is configured as a key device in the newly built hospital.

A customer of Xuansn (CH) Electronics specializes in the manufacture of various X-ray equipment. We have been providing bolted aluminum electrolytic capacitors for the manufacture of mobile X-ray machines to our customers for many years. Each set of equipment will use 14 bolted aluminum electrolytic capacitors of this series.

Product performance of bolted aluminum electrolytic capacitors

High reliability and high ripple current capability
Fully welded structure to ensure reliable electrical contact
Comply with RoHS requirements
Rated voltage: 350 … 450 V DC
Surge voltage: 1.10 ∙ VR
Operating temperature range: -40 ºC… + 85 ºC
Rated capacitance (20 ºC, 120 Hz): 1000… 18000 μF
Capacity tolerance: ± 20% (M)

In addition to being used in X-ray scanners, this product can also be used in MRI (nuclear magnetic resonance imaging).