Capacitors are components that store electricity and electrical energy (potential energy). A conductor is surrounded by another conductor, or the electric field lines emitted by one conductor are all terminated in the conductor system of another conductor, called a capacitor. The role of capacitors is:

●Coupling: The capacitor used in the coupling circuit is called the coupling capacitor. A large number of such capacitor circuits are used in RC coupling amplifiers and other capacitive coupling circuits to play a role in blocking DC and AC.

●Filter: The capacitor used in the filter circuit is called the filter capacitor. This capacitor circuit is used in the power supply filter and various filter circuits. The filter capacitor removes the signal in a certain frequency band from the total signal.

●Decoupling: The capacitor used in the decoupling circuit is called the decoupling capacitor. This capacitor circuit is used in the DC voltage supply circuit of the multi-stage amplifier. The decoupling capacitor eliminates the harmful low-frequency cross-connection between each stage of the amplifier.

●High frequency vibration elimination: the capacitor used in the high frequency vibration elimination circuit is called high frequency vibration elimination capacitor. In the audio negative feedback amplifier, in order to eliminate the high frequency self-excitation that may occur, this capacitor circuit is used to eliminate High frequency howling that may occur in the amplifier.

●Resonance: The capacitor used in the LC resonant circuit is called the resonant capacitor. This capacitor circuit is required for both LC parallel and series resonant circuits.

The role of capacitors

●Bypass: The capacitor used in the bypass circuit is called the bypass capacitor. If you need to remove a certain frequency band signal from the signal in the circuit, you can use the bypass capacitor circuit. According to the frequency of the removed signal, there is a full frequency domain (All AC signals) Bypass capacitor circuit and high frequency bypass capacitor circuit.

●Neutralization: The capacitor used in the neutralization circuit is called neutralization capacitor. In radio high frequency and intermediate frequency amplifiers, TV high frequency amplifiers, this neutralizing capacitor circuit is used to eliminate self-excitation.

● Timing: The capacitor used in the timing circuit is called the timing capacitor. Timing capacitor circuits are used in circuits that require time control through capacitor charging and discharging, and the capacitor plays a role in controlling the size of the time constant.

● Integration: The capacitor used in the integration circuit is called the integration capacitor. In the synchronous separation circuit of potential field scanning, this kind of integrating capacitor circuit can be used to extract the field synchronization signal from the field composite synchronization signal.

● Differential: The capacitor used in the differential circuit is called the differential capacitor. In order to get the apex trigger signal in the trigger circuit, this kind of differential capacitor circuit is used to get the apex pulse trigger signal from various (mainly rectangular pulse) signals.

●Compensation: The capacitor used in the compensation circuit is called the compensation capacitor. In the bass compensation circuit of the deck, this low-frequency compensation capacitor circuit is used to improve the low-frequency signal in the playback signal. In addition, there is a high-frequency compensation capacitor Circuit.

●Booststroke: The capacitor used in the bootstrap circuit is called the bootstrap capacitor. The commonly used OTL power amplifier output stage circuit uses this bootstrap capacitor circuit to slightly increase the positive half-cycle amplitude of the signal through positive feedback.

●Frequency division: The capacitor in the frequency division circuit is called the frequency division capacitor. In the speaker frequency division circuit of the speaker, the frequency division capacitor circuit is used to make the high frequency speaker work in the high frequency band, and the intermediate frequency speaker works in the middle frequency band, low frequency The speaker works in the low frequency band.

●Load capacitance: refers to the effective external capacitance that determines the load resonance frequency together with the quartz crystal resonator.