The Olympics is approaching, Tokyo’s security will be raised to the largest scale.


The opening of the Tokyo Olympics is just around the corner, and local security work is being promoted intensely. During the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, all parts of Japan will send support police forces to Tokyo, and about 60,000 people will be guarded and guarded by important people around the arena. Due to the spread of the new crown epidemic, most of the stadiums will start without spectators. Under this special situation, Tokyo’s security will be raised to the largest scale ever.


According to news from the Japan Jiji News Agency on the 20th, the distance from the nearest station to the arena is called the “last mile” in Japan. If there are spectators, this section of the road will be crowded with people before and after the game, and there is a high possibility of falls and terrorist incidents. But now there are no spectators to start the game, many “last mile” and public viewing venues have been closed, and the police will focus on the periphery of the sports arena and the crowded stations.


In places such as the National Arena, the Olympic Village, the main venue of the Olympics, the Japanese police will dispatch police dogs to check for suspicious items. In other sports venues, the police will place some balloons with cameras. In addition, in response to police officers being infected with the new crown virus, the Tokyo police set up a special team. In addition to the usual disinfection and transportation of confirmed patients, once a large number of confirmed patients appear in the security force, the entire team will be replaced.


I hope that all players participating in the competition will be safe and healthy, and while winning glory for the country, they must also pay attention to protecting their bodies.