The most important role of car audio capacitors is energy storage. Therefore, the selection method of car audio capacitor is mainly divided into the following points:

  •  According to the function of the capacitor, choose a capacitor with a smaller internal effective resistance, and a brand-name audio special capacitor will make the effect better. The operating voltage should be selected above 25 volts, and the operating temperature should not be lower than 85℃  .
  • The choice of capacity is based on the power of the power amplifier. The selection range of the capacity of the host part is generally from indiscriminate thousand to ten thousand microfarads. The power amplifier part capacity selection range is generally 50,000 microfarads, 100,000 microfarads, 500,000 microfarads, 1 farad and 1.5 farads. For higher power car audio systems, multiple capacitors are generally selected in parallel.
  •  The selection method of  car audio capacitor can be used, and the small Farad number and the large Farad number can be used to make the equivalent internal resistance smaller.

Installation of automotive capacitors:

  • A fuse should be connected in series with each capacitor to ensure circuit failure due to capacitor failure.
  • The installation position of the capacitor should be as close as possible to the car audio machine or power amplifier. The shortest and thicker power cord must be

Although car audio capacitors are only auxiliary equipment for car audio, its finishing touch in high-end car audio can be explained not only by the basic theory of the circuit, but if installed properly, it can make your high-end car audio sound like a beam Three points into the wood on the 3rd.