Hubei Free Trade Zone is coming, three major cities will benefit Wuhan, Xiangyang and Yichang. And six major industries may benefit well.

Three major cities will benefit

Three major cities in Hubei are mentioned in detail. The Ministry of Commerce stated that it supports the construction of a comprehensive pilot area for cross-border e-commerce in Wuhan and actively cultivates new trade formats and models for cross-border e-commerce. Support Wuhan, Xiangyang and Yichang to carry out cross-border e-commerce retail import pilots. Support Wuhan to take the free trade zone as the core, further deepen the pilot development of service trade innovation and development, improve the management system, expand the opening to the outside world, improve the promotion mechanism, and innovate the policy system, etc., to build a high ground for service trade development. Support Xiangyang District and Yichang District to learn from the experience and typical case practices of service trade innovation and development, and promote the accelerated development of service trade. Support Xiangyang and Yichang to take the free trade zone as the core, give full play to the advantages of the free trade zone system and the advantages of opening up to the outside world, vigorously undertake service outsourcing services such as information technology, biomedical research and development, management consulting, engineering design, and actively create a model city of service outsourcing in China .

Six major industries may benefit well

From an industry point of view, in addition to the cross-border e-commerce and outsourcing demonstrations mentioned above, there are four major industries that may usher in favorable conditions. One is reverse customization (C2M). The Ministry of Commerce stated that it will guide the Hubei Free Trade Zone to vigorously promote the development of new digital business models and formats, explore the establishment of reverse customization (C2M) industrial bases, encourage the in-depth integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, and help the digital transformation of SMEs. The second is big data. The Ministry of Commerce stated that it will guide Hubei Free Trade Zone to develop e-commerce big data construction and application, strengthen e-commerce operation analysis, improve e-commerce statistical monitoring analysis and public service system, and regularly provide Hubei Free Trade Zone with commercial big data platform for monitoring Data and information related to online retail. The third is the import and export traceability system. Guide the Hubei Free Trade Zone to promote the construction of traceability systems for edible agricultural products (7.830, -0.15, -1.88%), food and other important products and the construction of the import and export traceability system in the field of cross-border e-commerce retail. The fourth is the supply chain system. Support Wuhan area and Xiangyang area to actively carry out supply chain innovation and application pilots, and improve the supply chain system of strategic emerging industries such as new-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, and new energy vehicles.