Procurement of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is a headache for many buyers. Do not understand the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, do not know how to choose, which parameters to pay attention to, do not know what way to determine the capacitor manufacturers, you do not know how to determine the appropriate price, the same product price range is great, delivery and not Timely, good service, in the end how to choose?

There are many ways to purchase an aluminum electrolytic capacitor, there are many brands at home and abroad to choose from, and there are many agents who can provide us with products. But how can the quality of the product be judged? From this, we can understand some of the important indicators for the procurement of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, allowing us to have a certain measure when selecting.

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Four criteria to be taken into account when purchasing aluminum electrolytic capacitors:

Usually we have to provide our own basic parameters of the product we need before purchasing (voltage, capacity, package size, temperature, life, special requirements, etc.), so we have our own standards:

1. What kind of manufacturers should be selected (manufacturers must have certain strength, have certain technology and advanced equipment to produce high-quality products, and if necessary, they can choose to visit the factory; they can only really see what they see reliably).

2. Whether the main parameters of the product can meet our requirements (can meet our requirements in order to further cooperation, it is best to provide sample testing first, only the data after the test itself is true, the special product may also need to be customized, can provide Special custom service is also key)

3, what the price is right (a penny a point of delivery, a good product will have its value, so want to quality and reliable products must not simply map cheaper)

4, delivery and service (delivery guarantee is very important, if you have a big order will certainly need to quickly purchase raw materials. There must be some technical support in the service, if the capacitor in the application problems can provide a solution These are very important programs.)