How to store chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors to ensure performance

Any product has a certain service life, and for many electronic products or equipment, it is not that it can guarantee a long service life without using it. In many electronic devices, the more flexible it is, the more it will cause problems. In fact, this is because people don’t know how to store it. For example, the storage of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is a detail that many people ignore. Let’s take a look at the storage and handling methods of chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

There are many environmental requirements for the storage of chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors. First of all, pay attention not to store capacitors in places with high temperature and high humidity. The storage environment should be: temperature: + 5oC ~ + 35oC; relative humidity: <75%; storage location: indoor. Of course, in addition to this, it is necessary to pay attention to the storage space must be away from water, salt water or oil. The presence of these objects will affect the preservation of chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

At the same time, the storage of chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors also needs to be avoided in the environment of toxic gases (such as hydrogen sulfide, nitrous acid, chlorine and ammonia, etc.). Even contact with ozone, ultraviolet rays or radiation is not conducive to storage. It is best to use a suitable packaging form to encapsulate it in a bag to avoid long-term exposure to air or humid air.

Regarding the handling of chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors, it is necessary to pay attention to the handling of capacitors by any of the following methods. For example, after opening a hole in the capacitor’s case or completely disassembling it, put it in a fire and burn it (using a temperature of 800oC or higher). Or when the capacitor is not to be burned, it will be handed over to an industrial waste agency for landfill treatment. Not only that, when the capacitors are discarded or removed from the circuit board, the ozone layer-damaging drugs are not used in the production process.

These are the storage and processing methods of chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Proper storage can guarantee their performance. And proper treatment can reduce pollution and impact on the environment.