Amazon resumes acceptance of Israeli orders

Recently, as the blockade restrictions in Israel and around the world began to relax, Amazon resumed acceptance of Israeli orders last Friday.

The British retailer Next, which has been closed for several weeks, has started accepting orders from Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that all blockade restrictions may be lifted by mid-June.

Amazon waives long-term storage fees for seven major European sites in May

On May 13, Amazon announced that it would waive the long-term storage fee for May for sellers in seven sites in Europe. This policy covers the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic. All FBA inventory long-term storage fees for May will be waived, and the monthly storage fees for some commodities in April will no longer be charged.

Amazon said that under the epidemic, the platform will give priority to the delivery of essential goods orders, which may lead to sellers’ non-essential goods orders delivery delays and other situations, which in turn will cause sellers to bear more FBA storage costs. For this reason, the seller’s inventory stored in the logistics center of the seven major sites in Europe will be exempted from the long-term storage fee on May 15. At the same time, all the goods weighing more than 15 kg at all the stations, as well as the non-priority distribution products of the logistics centers in France and Italy, will also be exempted from the monthly storage fee in April.

Amazon lifts restrictions on non-essential shipments

According to foreign media reports, Amazon is removing the restrictions on the quantity of non-essential goods in its warehouses, which also means that Amazon is gradually recovering from the delays related to the epidemic.

Last Saturday, began to notify third-party sellers that it would no longer limit the quantity of new non-essential goods shipped. Amazon spokesperson Kristen Kish also confirmed the news that the company lifted restrictions on the number of non-essential items.

Kish said that it has lifted the restrictions on the number of supplier shipments to logistics centers, and said it will continue to adhere to a wide range of health and safety measures to protect its employees.