From April to May 2017, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate Group stationed in Guizhou, Guizhou Province, chemical industry, metallurgy, non-ferrous metals and other industries stopped production and rectification, and this year achieved recovery growth. In May, the total added value of metallurgical and non-ferrous metals industries above designated size in Guizhou Province accounted for 4.8% of the province’s total, with growth rates of 23.8% and 27.1%, respectively, which were 5.5 and 11.1 percentage points higher than those in April, respectively, driving the province’s industrial growth by 1.1. In terms of percentage points, ferroalloy and electrolytic aluminum production increased by 25.1% and 20.8%, respectively, which were 16.9 and 13.6 percentage points higher than those in April.

electrolytic aluminum