In addition to meeting the corresponding voltage tolerance of the grid, the Y capacitor also requires a sufficient safety margin in terms of electrical and mechanical properties of the capacitor to avoid breakdown short-circuit phenomena under extreme environmental conditions. The Y-capacitor withstand voltage performance It is of great significance to protect personal safety.

Y-CAPACITORPressure resistance: The puncture test is one of the main methods to check the withstand voltage capability of electrical appliances, electrical equipment, electrical equipment, electrical lines and electrical safety appliances. Frequency division withstand voltage test and DC withstand voltage test two. The test voltage of the power frequency withstand voltage test is one time to several times the rated voltage of the equipment to be tested, and not less than 1000V. The pressurization time is 1 minute for equipment mainly insulated with porcelain and liquid, 5 minutes for equipment mainly insulated with organic solids, 3 minutes for voltage transformers, and 10 minutes for oil-immersed power cables. DC withstand voltage test can pass the value of the leakage current at different test voltages and plot the leakage current-voltage characteristic curve. Electrical equipment through the pressure test can find the local insulation defects, damp and aging.

Y capacitor pressure how to see it? Y capacitor is a safety capacitor series, safety capacitor is a safety capacitor, Y capacitor appearance is blue, round shape.

1. The product needs to print the capacitance and pressure value of the capacitor and the safety certification of each country

2. Encapsulation method: also oxygen encapsulation.

Must have certification:

1. Marks on the body with certification bodies such as: CQC, UL, ENEC, VDE, KC, etc.

2. Manufacturers can provide valid certification.

3. According to the certificate No. File No., the relevant information can be found on the certification body’s website (manufacturer’s name, product specification, etc. are consistent with the actual calibration).

Y capacitor is divided into Y1 capacitor and Y2 capacitor, voltage resistance is also different, the general Y1 capacitor withstand voltage in the 400-500V, test voltage up to 4000V; Y2 capacitor voltage 250-400V, test voltage up to 3000V. There will be printing on the rated pressure product.