Capacitors come in two forms: electrolyte and all other substances. Compared with other types, electrolytic capacitors are very effective. Their advantages are small size and large capacity. The disadvantage is that they also contain a lot of dielectric, will absorb a lot of impurities, ESR and leakage dielectric. Therefore, special audio equipment should be selected in the audio circuit.

Features required for audio: low impedance, low distortion rate, good shockproof structure


The best audio capacitor electrolytic working temperature range owned by Xuansn is -40 + 85 ° C, the rated operating voltage range is 6.3 to 100v, the nominal capacitance range is 0.1 to 10000μF, and the capacitor tolerance is ± 20% (120Hz, + 20 ° C) The leakage current is 1≤0.01CV or 3 (μA). After applying the rated operating voltage at + 20 ° C for 2 minutes, whichever is greater. Nowadays, the demand for audio effects in the market is getting higher and higher, and high-quality audio will bring people an extraordinary feeling.