“2020 version of China’s development of aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry  status investigation and investment prospect analysis report” on the basis of years of aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry research conclusions,combined with China’s development of aluminum  electrolytic capacitor industry  market status, through a senior research team on the aluminum electrolytic capacitor market Sorting and analysis of similar information, and relying on national authoritative data resources and long-term market monitoring database, conducted a comprehensive and detailed investigation and research on the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry.

       The global aluminum electrolytic capacitor supply market is maturing, mainly concentrated in Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Judging from the overall competition pattern of the industry in recent years, the production of electrolytic capacitors in Japan has gradually shrunk and reduced production, replaced by South Korean companies, Chinese Taiwanese companies, and Chinese mainland companies. The product of aluminum electrolytic capacitor was regarded as a high-tech product in mainland China many years ago. After 30 years of development, the product of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is no longer a high-tech product for domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers. Too. From a technical point of view, capacitors produced by some well-known domestic brands can completely replace foreign capacitors. For example, Xuansn has 16 years of experience, is very skilled in production technology, and has a complete range of products.

          From the perspective of the global aluminum electrolytic capacitor delivery period, there have been obvious extensions over the years, which largely implies that the industry is entering a rapid growth channel. Moreover, due to upward pressure on costs and the shift of downstream demand towards China, in recent years, overseas well-known aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers have come to mainland China to invest and build factories. While aluminum electrolytic capacitors have grown steadily in the field of traditional consumer electronics, their application fields have been expanded in many emerging fields such as energy-saving lamps, inverters, and new energy along with structural transformation and technological progress. The development of these emerging fields will expand the demand space for new material products, and China’s aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry, which is the country’s key development industry, will also gain huge development space.