5G signal covers Everest

China Mobile’s 5G signal renewal legend will covers Everest. Substantial progress has been made in the special action of “5G signal covers Everest”officially launched by China Mobile since April this year. China Mobile and Huawei completed the “5G signal covers Everest” project this time.

China Mobile’s “5G signal covers Everest” activity plans to build 5 5G base stations in the form of SA + NSA networking at the 5,300-meter elevation Everest Base Camp, 5,800-meter transition camp, and 6,500-meter forward camp, while providing Gigabit broadband and dedicated lines Access. In order to guarantee the operation, China Mobile sent more than 150 employees in charge of construction and maintenance.At the same time, the 177 km transmission trunk line around the Everest guarantee area and the router room along the route were upgraded, repaired and strengthened, the Lhasa-Chengdu core network was opened, and the optical cable was re-laid 25 kilometers in the high and cold areas at an altitude of 5300 meters, 5800 meters and 6500 meters. , Through carrying 8 tons of network construction equipment and life support materials on the shoulders, using Huawei equipment to build and open 3 4G base stations and 5 5G base stations, 12 network maintenance and optimization personnel insist on areas above 5300 meters above sea level Hours on duty to ensure the smooth network of the Everest region and good performance.It is hoped that China Mobile’s 5G will cover the construction of Mount Everest, further consolidate the foundation of the construction of a strong network country, digital China, and a smart society, and promote the development of economic, social and livelihood!