The computer motherboard capacitor will have a great impact on the stability of the entire motherboard. But the main board has the greatest impact on the stability of the computer system, and the PCB board, circuit wiring and capacitor of the main board have the greatest impact on the stability of the computer system.

  • Function of computer motherboard capacitor

The capacitor is the container for storing electric charge. Its main function in the main board is to store energy, filter and delay, to ensure the stability of power supply to the main board and related accessories, filter out the clutter in the current, and then output the pure current to CPU and memory and other accessories. With the improvement of CPU main frequency and the increasing power consumption of graphics card, memory and other accessories, the power supply requirements of these devices to the motherboard are more and more stringent. In order to achieve this, we need to use a large capacity capacitor to filter. If the current from the power supply of the chassis is observed by the oscillograph, many spikes and clutter will be found. These spikes and clutter are the enemy of the main board’s stable operation. Therefore, the main board must filter and purify the power supply before it can be used. Different components are used to filter and purify different clutter. The main components are choke coil and capacitor. The original current first flows through the choke coil (commonly known as the coil). Because the coil has an energy storage property, it can initially filter out some high-frequency clutter, and then enter the capacitor bank to further filter, purify and flatten (the peak wave is drawn into square wave). The motherboard must have a stable and pure current supply, which is why most of the capacitors are distributed near the CPU socket and the motherboard external power interface.

  • Classification of computer motherboard capacitor

The common capacitors on the motherboard are aluminum electrolytic capacitor, tantalum capacitor, ceramic chip capacitor, etc. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor (vertical capacitor) is our most common capacitor, which is usually more near CPU and memory slot. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor has large volume and large capacity; tantalum capacitor ceramic chip capacitor is generally small, with black chip appearance. It has small volume, good heat resistance, low loss, but small capacity, which is generally suitable for high-frequency circuit, and is widely used on motherboard and video card.