Electric double layer capacitors can also be called supercapacitors, a new type of energy storage device with high energy density electrochemical capacitors, which are thousands of times higher in capacity than ordinary electrolytic capacitors. Electric double-layer capacitors have the characteristics of short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy saving and environmental protection.

Electric double layer capacitors

Classification of electric double layer capacitors:
1. According to the principle, it can be divided into: electric double layer supercapacitor and pseudocapacitor supercapacitor

2. According to the electrolyte type, it can be divided into: water-based electrolyte and organic electrolyte type

can also be divided into:

1. Liquid electrolyte supercapacitors, most supercapacitors have liquid electrolyte.

2. Solid electrolyte supercapacitors. With the development of solid electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries, solid electrolytes such as gel electrolytes and PEOs have also been studied in the electrolytes used in supercapacitors.