According to foreign media reports, the European Union announced on the 7th the search ranking rules for technology giants such as Microsoft and Google in the United States, requiring these technology giants to increase the transparency of search rankings.

According to Reuters, the EU’s search ranking rules released on the 7th took effect immediately. The European Union stated that the new rules require online platforms to publish their search ranking algorithm parameters, thereby increasing transparency. EU Commissioner for Competition Affairs Margaret Westage stated that these rules will establish standards for the transparency of ranking algorithms and will increase the fairness of the network economy, which is currently an important driving force for European innovation and the welfare of the people.

Westage will also announce on the 15th draft rules for tightening the supervision of technology giants, further increasing restrictions on technology giants. It is reported that the draft will require technology giants to take more responsibility for removing illegal and harmful content from their platforms, and to formulate punitive measures to encourage technology giants to better comply with these regulations.

Small and medium-sized technology companies and other fields have long complained about the lack of transparency and authoritarianism in search rankings of large technology giants, believing that these issues have affected the ranking results of their products and services in search.

The EU’s antitrust department has been continuously strengthening its supervision of technology giants. Reuters reported that between 2017 and 2019, Google has received fines worth more than 8 billion euros from the EU’s antitrust authorities for misconduct in search.