1) Welded through-core capacitors

Welded through-core capacitors are the most ideal product for tight installation space;

Application: Mainly used for filtering signals, data lines and AC power lines;

telecommunications equipment, transmission equipment, microwave filters, industrial computers, composite circuit filter components;

Small size: effective use of space;

Rated voltage: up to 1000VDC;

Various circuit structures: C-type, Pi-type and L-type circuits are all available;

high temperature structure: can prevent backflow during installation;

certification: available for MIL-F-15733 QPL and MIL-C-11015 (CK99) certified filters;

 2) Resin sealed threaded through-core capacitor

The nuts and washers for the resin-sealed bolt-type through-core capacitors can be easily installed to the through-hole position;

The two ends of the solid shell are sealed with resin to provide good environmental protection;

Application: Mainly used for signal, data line, DC power line filtering; among them, micro-extrusion mounting or screw mounting is the ideal choice when welding is not suitable, suitable for microwave and other high-frequency applications;

Voltage: up to 2500VDC/240VAC

Certification: Available for MIL-F-15733 certified products

Circuit structure: C type, L type, Pi type

3) High current and high voltage resin sealed feedthrough capacitor

Application: High current filter is mainly used in high current switching power supply, DC charging system;

High-voltage filters are mainly used in high-voltage power supplies, and the solid bolt-type structure is easy to install;

Features: High current up to 100Amps

Voltage: up to 2500VDC and 240VAC@400HZ

 4) Glass-sealed high-performance feedthrough capacitors

Adopting glass sealed package, with excellent EMI filtering performance; for those who still require high-reliability filtering in harsh environments, this product is the best choice, available for broadband high-performance EMI filtering from 10KHz to greater than 10GHz, glass sealed series Highly moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-impact of other harsh environments that may be encountered in military applications.

Application: power supply, signal line, rocket ignition device, aircraft, military communications, medical equipment, multi-stage filtering;

Optimized design: a variety of sizes and shapes and C, L and Pi-type circuits for selection, and instantaneous suppression of Pi, T, &TT circuits for selection;

Reliability: Manufacture according to MIL-F-15733 and MIL-F-28861 standards, and meet QPL requirements;

Based on MIL-F-28861, space application “S” level

FED/MIL certification: Meets MIL-F-15733 and MIL-F-28861 standards

Characteristics: Insertion loss range 0.01MHz-10GHz

Capacity and temperature characteristics: 1pF-1μF; NPO, X7R, Z5U, etc.

Temperature range: -55℃-+125℃ ;-40℃-+85℃

Maximum voltage value: 400VDC 240VAC@400Hz

Maximum current: 30Amps