On September 9, Jiangsu Changjiang announced that the second extraordinary meeting of the seventh board of directors resolved that according to the nomination of Mr. Zhou Zixue, the chairman of the board of directors, and approved by the nomination committee of the board of directors, unanimously agreed to hire Mr. Zheng Li as the CEO of the company for a term from this time. The term of office of the current board of directors expires from the date of appointment of the board of directors.

Li ChunxingHigh level continues to turmoil
       It is understood that Li Chunxing had previously submitted a written resignation to the board of directors of Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., requesting to resign from the position of CEO. Changdian Technology said that after research and discussion, the company’s board of directors agreed with Mr. Li Chunxing’s request to resign from the position of CEO.
       It is worth mentioning that this change has been less than one year since Li Chunxing became CEO. It has been less than half a year since Li Chunxing served as a director.
        However, after resigning from the above positions, Mr. Li Chunxing will continue to serve as Chief Technology Officer of Changjiang Electronics Technology.
        On September 24, 2018, Wang Xinchao, former chairman and CEO of Changjiang Electronics, and former president Lai Zhiming resigned as CEO and president of Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., and the new CEO of Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was replaced by Li Chunxing, and concurrently hired Lai Zhiming as long. Vice President of Electrical Technology.
        It is understood that since Changjiang Electronics has introduced the National Fund and the core semiconductor company due to the leveraged acquisition of the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of semiconductor packaging and testing, Xingke Jinpeng, the personnel adjustment of Changjiang Electronics Technology has begun.
        The Xinchao Group, controlled by Wang Xinchao, is the original largest shareholder of Changjiang Electronics Technology, and its shares are continuously diluted.
        In just one year, the top leadership of Changjiang Electronics Technology changed from “Chairman and CEO Wang Xinchao + President Lai Zhiming” to “Chairman Wang Xinchao + CEO Li Chunxing + Executive Vice President Lai Zhiming” and then changed to “Board Zhou Zixue” +CEO Zheng Li.”