polyester capacitorPolyester capacitor refers to the use of two pieces of metal foil as electrodes, sandwiched in an extremely thin insulating medium, and rolled into a cylindrical or flat cylindrical core. The medium is polyester, polyester film capacitor, with a high dielectric constant, small volume, and large capacity , Better stability, suitable for bypass capacitors.

Outstanding advantages: the accuracy, loss angle, insulation resistance, temperature characteristics, reliability and environmental adaptability of thin film capacitors are superior to electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors.
Prominent shortcomings: capacity-price ratio and capacity-volume ratio are greater than the above two capacitors.
Uses: used in various DC or low frequency ripple circuits. Suitable for use as a bypass capacitor.
Capacity range: 470pF ~ 4.7μF.
Rated voltage range: 63-630V.
Tangent of loss angle: 0.3-0.7.
Working temperature: -55 ℃ to 125 ℃.
Temperature coefficient: +200 + 600ppm
Common classification: Like many capacitors, there are many small classifications of polyester capacitors, such as the common CL11, CL21.xuansn suppliers provide you with high-quality comprehensive polyester capacitor