Starting this month, many countries have begun the road to resumption of work. Customers in some countries have already started to work, and some have to stay at home. We have sorted out the important export market unblocking.

America:Although the number of diagnoses in the United States has exceeded 1.4 million and the number of deaths has exceeded 80,000, more and more states have begun to unblock, and about half of the states have entered the stage of resumption of production. The resumption of work is divided into four stages. The first stage: construction, manufacturing, etc ; The second stage: financial insurance, retail, administrative services, real estate, etc ; The third stage: catering, hotel, etc ; The fourth stage: school , Arts and entertainment industry.

Brazil: Brazil is another country where the president has repeatedly and repeatedly to resume work, but it has now become the new epicenter of the global epidemic-more than 10,000 new diagnoses have been confirmed in a single day, and the total number of deaths has exceeded 10,000 Rio’s medical system has almost collapsed, and it is likely to become the next New York. The Brazilian President announced on May 11 that the gym, barber shop, and beauty salon are all necessary services and can resume business during the outbreak. Industrial production and munici.

Russia: The number of confirmed diagnoses in Russia has risen to the second place in the world, and Putin ’s secretary has been infected, but the paid vacations of the entire industry in the country have ended on May 11, and from May 12, the construction industry, agriculture, and communications industry , Energy and mining industries resume work. Putin requested that a plan to restore the economy nationwide be made before June 1.pal construction are also allowed to resumption of work.

United Kingdom: The British national blockade was extended to June 1st, industries such as engineering and manufacturing that cannot work from home should be allowed toresumption of work from this week, but employees in these industries should not commute in public places. Outdoor activities will no longer be restricted.

France: France has unblocked it according to the severity of the epidemic. Four regions including Île-de-France and Mayotte, an overseas province, are in “red areas” where the epidemic is severe. Other areas are included in “green areas” where the epidemic is mitigated. The “red zone” will be subject to certain restrictions during the first phase of “unblocking” from May 11 to June 2. The cafes and restaurants in the “green zone” may be opened after three weeks.

Germany: From May 16, Germany will gradually lift the border controls on five neighboring countries, including Luxembourg, Denmark, France, Austria, and Switzerland, implemented since March, until all are lifted on June 15.

Singapore: As the country with the most diagnoses in Southeast Asia, Singapore has also entered the second phase of unblocking on May 12, and May 19 is the third phase. If the epidemic is still under control, the Singapore government will gradually loosen more virus blocking measures from next month, allowing more economic and social activities to be resumed. Only 15% of people in Singapore are still insisting on going out to work.

India: India has gradually resumed production since April 20. The national closure of the city is scheduled to end on May 17, but some states have further extended the blockade period.

Pakistan: Pakistan will unblock it in stages starting from May 9th. First, it will open up industries related to the construction industry; second, it will open outpatient departments of hospitals; Open, no shops except medical supplies shops are allowed to operate at night; Fourth, all markets and shopping centers are closed for two days a week; Fifth, the school has been closed until July 15.

Middle Eastern countries: It is not so important for Middle Eastern countries to resume work or not, because now is their Ramadan, and work efficiency will be greatly reduced.

Australia: On May 8, the Australian government announced that it would gradually relax its social segregation policy and start a plan to resume work and resume production. However, each state of unblocking and the speed of unblocking is at the discretion of each state.

African countries: The President of South Africa recently stated that although South Africa has begun to unblock gradually, the epidemic is still in its initial stage. The government believes that the epidemic and the closure have caused a devastating blow to the South African economy. It had to be unsealed. South Africa will relax its closure policy from May 1 and allow some industries to resumption of work. From May 4, Nigeria has deregulated three major states, allowing some stores to be opened, and people can go out to work, buy food, exercise, and get medical treatment.