CBB21 630V coupling capacitorThe advantage of  metalized film capacitor is that it has a so-called self-healing effect. That is, if the small part of the electrode is short-circuited due to the weak electrical interface, the electrode metal around the short-circuit part will be caused by the static electricity carried by the capacitor at that time. The energy or short-circuit current causes a larger area of ​​melting and evaporation to restore the insulation and restore the capacitor to the role of the capacitor again. Achieving high heat resistance and high pressure resistance is also an advantage of metalized film capacitor. A pair of metallized films are formed with metal vapor deposition electrodes on the PEN film, and metal is formed on both end surfaces of the metalized film Layer, so that the metal vapor deposition electrodes face each other with the dielectric film in between. In the electroded metallized film capacitor, a divided electrode portion is provided on the metal vapor-deposited electrode.

The metallized film capacitor is to deposit a metal film on the surface of the polyester film instead of the metal foil as the electrode. Because the thickness of the metallized film layer is much smaller than the thickness of the metal foil, the volume after winding is also larger than that of the metal foil capacitor The volume is much smaller. The advantage of metalized film capacitor is the “self-healing” characteristic. The so-called self-healing property is that if the thin film medium has defects at a certain point and a breakdown short circuit occurs under the action of overvoltage, the metallization layer of the breakdown point can melt and evaporate instantly under the action of the arc to form a small metal-free zone , The two pole pieces of the capacitor are re-insulated from each other and can still continue to work, thus greatly improving the reliability of the capacitor.