At the time of 03, China also held an online Canton Fair, and that year, the Online Canton Fair was promoted on a large scale. Due to the special situation this year, the 2020 Canton Fair will be arranged online.

The 2020 Canton Fair will be very different from the concept proposed in 2003, adding some advanced technologies. For example, 3D virtual, AI technology, short video, online live broadcast, etc.

The 2020 Canton Fair brings the following advantages to exhibitors:

1. Through advanced information technology, provide all-weather online promotion, supply and purchase docking, online negotiation and other services, create an online trade platform for high-quality specialty products, display products online for domestic and foreign merchants, so that Chinese and foreign merchants can place orders and do business at home .

2. Alibaba Group said that it actively responds to the call of the country and is willing to open up all digital capabilities to Canton Fair and exhibitors at home and abroad to support Chinese and foreign businessmen to place orders and do business without leaving the house. Help foreign trade enterprises transform and upgrade and break through online.

3. There are restrictions on the number of booths offline, but not online …
Online Canton Fair can directly break through the time and space restrictions, realize 10 * 24 hours of uninterrupted exhibition, no longer have the trouble of opening and closing time, and provide a lot of convenience for everyone.

2020 is destined to be a year in the history of world foreign trade, and the Canton Fair will be fully started on the Internet.