concept:The horn electrolytic capacitor ,is the image name, because the two leads are hooked, like horns. Also called snap-in type electrolytic capacitors.

Bullhorn electrolytic capacitors have excellent high frequency, long life, high reliability, and high ripple current characteristics
1. +85℃~+105℃ when durability is 3~8 years
2. It has excellent high frequency, long life, high ripple current and high reliability characteristics

horn electrolytic capacitorapplication:
1.It is used in industrial-grade variable frequency speed controller capacitor demand, servo control capacitor demand, switching power supply capacitor demand, PC power supply capacitor demand, and industrial power supply.
2.It is used in the demand of professional stage audio capacitors, power amplifier capacitors, and automotive electronic capacitors.
3. Used in industrial-grade energy storage welding machine capacitor demand, UPS high-power power supply capacitor demand, communication power supply capacitor demand, computer capacitor demand, high ripple electric vehicle capacitor demand, electric train capacitor demand, frequency control Speed ​​controller capacitor demand
4. Used in industrial-grade welding machine capacitor demand, inverter capacitor demand, CNC machine tool capacitor demand, variable frequency power supply capacitor demand, automotive electronic capacitor demand, and electrical control capacitor demand.
5. Special purpose electronic and electrical equipment and other DC and pulsating circuits.