The display is an input and output device of the computer. I believe that those who are familiar with the computer are not unfamiliar with the display capacitor. Capacitance refers to the ability to hold charges. There are many complex parts in the display, including capacitors. Then the display capacitance is broken. What characteristics? Let’s take a look together below.

Generally, capacitors are in the power supply part, and there are the following possibilities:

  • Can’t click
  • Severe water ripples

We can view the screen from the top or side of the screen when the display is black, and see if there is any displayed content. If there is any displayed content, it is a problem with the high-voltage board or the power supply circuit.

High voltage board:

Generally, the high-voltage booster coil is falsely welded. The main reason is that the wiring part of the coil is not pre-welded during production, which leads to poor contact later.

Power supply circuit:

The power tube in this circuit is easily damaged.

If the content is not visible when the screen is black, the power supply circuit is faulty.

If the power indicator is normal and only the screen has no image, you can also take a flashlight and look at the screen diagonally. If there is content, it is a high-voltage failure or lamp failure. You need to check the power supply and signal. If the high-voltage power supply capacitor is bulging Or loss of capacity, that is, the high-voltage power supply is unstable.