Demand in the capacitor market:
Capacitors are one of the three passive components and are widely used. The mainstream is classified according to medium. Capacitors are indispensable basic components in electronic circuits. They are called three passive components together with resistance and inductance. They have the characteristics of “passing AC and blocking DC”, and are widely used in various high and low frequency circuits and power circuits. Generally, it is divided into four categories: ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors and film capacitors according to different media.

The upstream of the capacitor industry chain is mainly electrode materials and dielectric materials and other industries. The downstream is widely used in major fields and can be divided into two categories: military and civilian. Electrode and dielectric materials have an important impact on capacitor performance. For the aluminum foil electrode material of electrolytic capacitors, xuansn uses brands such as East Sun Xinjiang Zhonghe and others.

Miniaturization, ultrathinness, large capacity and solidification are the overall development direction of capacitors. The trend of miniaturization of downstream electronic products has prompted the development of upstream capacitors towards miniaturization, ultrathinness and large capacity.
The global capacitor market exceeds US $ 20 billion, China accounts for over 70%, and downstream demand remains highly prosperous, with ceramic capacitors accounting for half of the capacitor market. In 2019, the global capacitor market scale reached 22.2 billion US dollars, and the average compound growth rate in 2009-2019 reached 5.65%. The Chinese market scale was 110.2 billion, and the compound growth rate in 2009-2019 reached 7.93%. It is already the world ’s largest capacitor market, and it is also driving An important force for global capacitors to maintain growth. According to the types of capacitors, ceramic capacitors occupy more than half of the market share of capacitors, and are the most widely used, and the proportion is still increasing, replacing other capacitors in some fields.

Capacitor market development space:
The domestic capacitor market has broad prospects, and the multi-factors in the military field have driven demand to maintain a high level of prosperity. The civilian field has benefited from the vigorous development of multiple fields, and the single product usage has continued to increase. The growth rate of the Chinese capacitor market continued to outperform the growth rate of the global market. Looking to the future, the military sector will benefit from the steady growth of defense budgets, the tilt to the equipment sector, the improvement of the level of equipment informatization, and the substitution of localization, which make the high prosperity of the military capacitor field expected to remain; the civilian sector, consumer electronics, new energy Factors such as new and old iterations of products in the automotive and other fields, and the continuous increase in single product usage have driven the growth in the demand for capacitors.