①When the power capacitors is operated for a long time under the environment of overvoltage, overcurrent, high temperature, etc., the insulating medium of the capacitor is aging and a large amount of gas is generated, which increases the internal pressure of the power capacitor. When the pressure is greater than the maximum withstand value of the capacitor, the capacitor will explode.

②When the power capacitor is switched using a contactor, it needs to be fully discharged before being switched on again, otherwise the residual voltage on the capacitor and the voltage polarity are opposite, which will also cause the power capacitor to explode.

How to deal with power capacitor explosion

When the capacitor explodes, we should promptly remove the damaged capacitor and replace the power capacitor.

When replacing power capacitors, xuansn recommends using explosion-proof power capacitors. Explosion-proof power capacitors are equipped with vents at the terminals, which can maintain the pressure balance between the inside and outside of the capacitor, and the capacitor will not cause the capacitor to bulge or explode due to excessive internal pressure.