The Polypropylene capacitor are capacitors with metal foil as an electrode, which overlaps with polypropylene film from both ends and coils into a cylindrical structure.Polypropylene capacitor have the same principles as polyester capacitors: non-polar, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and low loss of media.Based on the above advantages, polypropylene film capacitors are widely used in analog circuits.Especially in the part of signal interconnection, the capacitor with good frequency characteristic and low loss of medium must be used in order to ensure that there is not too much distortion when the signal is transmitted.High dielectric constant, small volume, large capacity, good stability, suitable for bypass capacitance.

Structure of polypropylene film capacitor:

Polypropylene film capacitors belong to the category of organic film capacitors, which use a single layer of polypropylene film as the medium, and the surface of which adopts the evapotranspiration metallography with good voltage resistance and inductance performance as the conductive electrode.The wound capacitor core is encased in epoxy resin or encapsulated in a plastic and metal case.Polypropylene capacitors made from metal film electrodes are called metallized polypropylene film capacitors.

Polypropylene film capacitor has the following characteristics:

The volume range is wide, ranging from thousands of skin methods to dozens of micromethods.

Potassium has good resistance to temperature and high insulation resistance.

The metallized polypropylene film capacitor has good self – healing capability.

The waste Angle tangent value is small and high frequency characteristic is good.

Small volume and reliable operation.

Polypropylene film capacitor is widely used in low-voltage distribution network of reactive power compensation, such as construction, industrial construction, urban power grids, rural power grids transform, such as stable voltage, reduce the line loss, improve power factor, to save energy. Changed the traditional reactive power compensation device is bulky and heavy structure mode. Save more cost and maintenance more convenient.

Polypropylene capacitor