ceramic capacitor leakage currentHere we analyze the cause of ceramic capacitor leakage current
As a result, leakage of the ceramic capacitor is reduced due to insulation. The following two reasons are summarized:

The first is the surface insulation degradation caused by surface contamination. Such leakage current is not very large. Generally, it is a micro-ampere level, and the insulation value of hot-air blowing will increase. Secondly, internal cracks, cracks caused by welding and poor capacitance of the ceramic chip produced. Leakage currents caused by such cracks will continue to rise, causing severe local fires.

To avoid leakage of ceramic capacitors, select quality-assured manufacturers with good-quality ceramic capacitors that have small leakage currents, low losses, and very consistent capacity. Reduce unnecessary risks and losses as much as possible.

Applying a rated DC operating voltage to the capacitor will observe that the change in the charging current begins to increase, and as time passes, the final value reaches a steady state at a certain final value. This final value is called a leakage current. The ceramic capacitor leakage current is very small. Micro-ampere level is generally .. to avoid the leakage of ceramic capacitors appear, select quality guaranteed manufacturers, xuansn good quality ceramic capacitors, leakage current is small; loss is small; capacity consistency is very accurate.