High frequency capacitors are basically composed of passive components, active devices and passive networks. The frequency characteristics of components used in high-frequency circuits are different from those used in low-frequency circuits. Passive linear components in high frequency circuits are mainly resistors (devices), capacitors (devices) and inductors (devices).

Features of high frequency capacitors:

1. High-Q C0G series MLCCs belong to microwave ceramic multilayer chip ceramic capacitors;

2. Using paraelectric microwave dielectric materials;

3. It has extremely high stability, and its capacitance is hardly affected by time, AC and DC signals;

4. It has extremely low dielectric loss, that is, extremely high Q value and ultra-low ESR.

5. Suitable for RF microwave circuits requiring Hi-Q and ultra-low ESR.

High frequency capacitors and low frequency capacitors applicable occasions

High-frequency capacitors are suitable for high-frequency filtering occasions — such as the secondary output rectification of computer motherboards and switching power supplies;

Low-frequency capacitors are suitable for low-frequency filtering occasions — such as filtering after AC rectification.