Alcoa, the world’s sixth-largest aluminium producer headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, has begun work to restore its smelter in southwestern Indiana this summer, and has hired workers for it.

The Pittsburgh-based company announced at the end of March 2016 that it would permanently shut down its Warrick Operations smelter and that it would be powerless because of falling aluminum prices. Among them, 325 of them were dismissed and the rest found new jobs or accepted severance or retirement plans.

Alcoa confirmed last year that the company will reopen three of its five smelting lines and provide about 275 new jobs for the plant, including rolling mills that use aluminum for food and beverage packaging.

Alcoa spokeswoman Kari Fluegel reported to Evansville Courier that the company had completed its first hiring to restart operations and recalled all former employees, hoping to rejoin Newburgh, southeast of Evansville Ohio River Smelter.

She also said that the restart of the smelter is about to end and it is expected to begin operation this summer.