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Xuansn Electronic Event-Family Cooking Training Class

Xuansn Electronic Event:In order to further improve the level of talent skills, Xuansn Electronics provides employees with three consecutive days of food training courses, allowing employees to personally participate in the production of various delicious foods, feel the satisfaction of taste buds brought by food, and gain a lot of knowledge outside of busy work. A [...]

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Xuansn Capacitor Culture-Love care class

On December 24, 2022, in order to further deepen the civilized sharing plan for enterprise employees, deliver services to the "doorstep" of enterprises, and open up the "last mile" of contact and service for enterprise employees, the New Era Civilization Practice Center and Books The staff of the library walked into the Xuansn Capacitor Culture Love [...]

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Xuansn capacitor-Mental Health Lecture

💐In order to improve the mental health level of employees, relieve workplace pressure, popularize mental health knowledge, enhance employees' self-psychological adjustment capabilities, and enable employees to devote themselves to work and life with a healthy attitude, a strong physique, and abundant energy,December 2022 On the morning of the 4th, the Xiegang Town Federation of Trade Unions [...]

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