Starting from April 7, the National Congress of China decided that the 127th Canton Fair will be held online in the middle and late June. After the press release, everyone was guessing how to achieve this pure online Canton Fair. According to Hong Hongbin, Assistant Minister of Commerce, the pure online Canton Fair mainly includes three parts: online display and docking platform, cross-border e-commerce zone and real-time marketing services. Establish an all-weather online Canton Fair foreign trade platform.

NO1 online display docking platform

Friends who have participated in the Canton Fair before know that there are about 25,000 exhibitors in the Canton Fair, which are divided into export and import exhibition areas.

This year’s “cloud exhibition” is also set up as follows:

The export exhibition is divided into 16 categories of commodities according to electronic home appliances, daily consumer goods, textiles and clothing, medicine and health care, and 50 exhibition areas are set up;
The import exhibition will set up six major themes such as electronic appliances, building materials and hardware.

All exhibits were online at the same time, and 25,000 exhibitors all went online for display.

For online display:

  •  The query system will be optimized and the search function in multiple languages ​​will be improved to facilitate buyers to find exhibitors and exhibits.
  • Strengthen supply and purchase matching services, hold special online matching activities, increase online matching efforts, and enhance the effectiveness of organizing exhibitions.


NO2 Cross-border E-commerce Zone

Organize an event with the theme of “Synchronous Canton Fair, Global Business Opportunities”, through the establishment of exchange links, in accordance with the unified name and image developed by the Canton Fair, carry out online business activities at a unified time.

It mainly includes two parts:

  • The first is to set up the topic of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, publicize the work of each comprehensive pilot zone, and introduce a batch of cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises.
  • The second is to select a batch of cross-border e-commerce platforms to highlight the characteristics of the “business-to-business” trade show. It mainly cooperates with the B2B platform, and at the same time takes into account some B2C platforms, and encourages the platform to organize various enterprises that meet the quality standards to participate in this Canton Fair and expand the beneficiary enterprises.


NO3 Live Marketing Service

Establish online live broadcast columns and links, and set up a 10 × 24 hour online live broadcast room for each exhibitor.

Before the exhibition, special training will be given to enterprises to enhance their live broadcast sales capabilities.

In addition, the platform will also provide functions such as lookback on demand, video upload, interactive communication, and sharing to enrich the performance of the exhibition.